Once Upon a Kiln


silent auction

Choose the item(s) from our studio. Some examples are: a popcorn bowl, giant flower pot, cookie jar, serving tray, tea set...etc. either have the kids paint designs, do handprints, poems etc. onto the items, OR ask your art teacher to direct a class and do a set of "Picasso Portrait Plates" or "Monet" ice cream bowls...the ideas are endless! Then auction them off at the next event for lots of $$$!

20% donation

Bring your whole group into Once Upon A Kiln for an evening or specific week and we will donate 20% of the revenue to your organization. Charity days or nights are a creative way to bring a group together and raise funds at the same time! Contact Us for details.


Looking for something FUN, CREATIVE, and not the same-old "buy this raffle ticket?"

Let Once Upon A Kiln provide a unique, creative, and interactive opportunity to raise funds and bring your community together!

 Families, friends, and others can participate in a variety of projects that will not only achieve your fundraising goal quickly,

but also beautify your campus, office, playground, or place of worship.

Tile walls

Tile Walls make fabulous public art projects for your facility. Once Upon A Kiln will sell you the tiles, paint, glazing, and firing at a discounted price, and you can sell them to donors or painters at a markup of your choice.

Your CostSuggested Mark-Up PriceApprox. Profit

4" Tiles



6" Tiles $6.50+tax

8" Tiles $10+tax$30$20